Who we are

Prescott-Russell has approximately 89,000 citizens. Among them, there might be a friend, parent or neighbour struggling with poverty, isolation, violence, illness, grief or other crisis. This is why Centraide/United Way Prescott-Russell works throughout the region to ensure a comprehensive network of programs and services are there to help. Indeed, nearly half of the residents of Prescott-Russell use services funded by Centraide/United Way.

Each fall Centraide/United Way Prescott-Russell and their committed volunteers run a campaign to collect donations from community members and businesses in order to create a community fund. Non-Profit Organizations then apply to the Centraide/United Way Prescott-Russell for project grants from this fund.  Grants are then allocated through a committee of independent, neutral volunteers.  Centraide/United Way Prescott-Russell ensures that all organizations receiving grants from the community fund have transparent financial reporting, good governance practices, and that their project aligns with one or more of our three focus areas.


Healthy People Strong Communities Improving access to social and health-related support services while supporting community engagement, integration, and settlement.


From Poverty to Possibility - Supporting people living in poverty and those who are vulnerable to falling into poverty, by ensuring their basic human needs are met and by breaking the poverty cycle with education initiatives.


All that kids Can Be We put children and youth on a path to success by investing in their development from early childhood to young adults through improving access to early childhood learning, afterschool and literacy development programs. This ensures they have the skills and opportunities to become successful adults